The Sweet Oasis serves the Chicago land Area, bringing countless smiles to kids and adults of all ages. Think about the times you would chase the ice cream truck down the block, money secured in a tight fist, hoping the driver would slow down... That is what we do.

We specialize in street vending sales with our own fleet of vehicles and push carts, as well as providing a wholesale outlet for vendors and re-sellers. We stock a variety of over fifty impulse items in the summer months to meet your ice cream needs. We have a wholesale outlet you can stop in and buy your favorite ice cream treats in bulk for a reduced price.

We also cater to business and school programs. In the business aspect, what a better, and cost effective way to say thanks or make your employees happy. With schools, whether its a tool for fundraising or just a means to celebrate for a great performance, the reaction is most definitely worth the investment.

Known as Chicago's Premier Ice Cream caterer, we supply ice cream in a variety of forms such as; office parties, social gatherings, block parties, and any indoor or outdoor event. Consider the impact of giving ice cream for a new product release, or promotion. What is the coolest treat, practical both in home and on the road?.. Ice Cream. That is our motto we live by, and if you give us a try, we can put something practical together to meet almost any budget. From a cooler packed to go, to carts in your office lobby, or an ice cream truck visit to your work place. It is all possible! Our experience gives us a great advantage, so next time you're thinking ice cream, you should be thinking The Sweet Oasis.